Family Law

We are  Legal Aid Providers for the FAMILY LAW"

We deal with the matters like:

1.  Pre-nuptial Agreement also known as a "Contracting Out" Agreement: 

  We all dream a fairy tale ending that a marriage must last haapy forever. 
 However the real world is different. Thus at the begining of a new relationship
 things need to clarify between the parties to protect their assets  in case 
 of difficult time in relationship. We can advise you how to go about it.
 So contact us if you are planning  to get married or living in a relationship.
 The property (Relationship) Act 1976 set down how assets are divided  at 
 the end of a relationship. However the Act also allow you to "Contract out" 
 of these rules so you can determine  and decide how your assets to be  divided at the end of a relationship.

2. Matters related to the Care of Children Act 2004                                                                           

     2.1 Guardianship

                 You can be appointed as a Guardian if you are a biological parent or a grandparent who wants to be

                 appointed as a Guardian or a Guardian for a grandchild or you may have your new partner appointed

                 a Guardian of your child from a previous relationship. By becoming a Guardinan you take on the

                 right and responsibilities of making decisions about important  things that affect the child(ren)


     2.2 Parenting Order and Parenting Agreement

            When partners split it is important that the children do not lose the love of both parents.

             We assit you to have negotiated parenting arrangements with the other parent of your children

             and have this agreement to be confirmed in writing. If need be a parenting application can be made

             in the Family Court clearly spells out the terms of day to day parenting and contact for children.

      2.3 Supervised Contact

3. Adoption

                If you are looking to adopt a child or place a child with adoptive parents we can help you.

                Adoption has many far-reaching implications for everyone involved.


4. Application for Protection Order

               If you or your children need protection from domestice violence then we help you quickly and effectively.

               In some circumstances, it is possible to get protection orders from the Family Court the day you come to see us.

5. Defending a Protection Order

                If you are defending a protection order, we can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and provide

                confidential support to resolve the protection order proceedings. 

6. Separation and Divorce

7. Division of Relationship Property.

8.  Power of Attorney