Business Advice

All the business owners no matter what is size or volume of it.                                         
We Assist you in :
  1.                                                 *Sale of business
  2.                                                 * Purchase of Business                                                                                                                                  
  3.                                                 * Leases
  4.                                                 * Licensing
  5.                                                  * Franchising
  6.                                                  * Partnership Agreement
  7.                                                  * Various contracts
  8.                                                  * Liquidation                      

Buying business is a big hassle. Sometimes it is stressful too. However we can help you to do so. We can be involved every steps of buying business.

Before starting your business , you will need to know more about the market profile & opportunities.

There are several aspects to consider before taking decision to purchase the business.

There are at least 12 basic steps that a purchaser needs to take into account before buying the business:

1.Check account books like Cash book, Bank statements, cash flow etc.

2..Visit the premises of intended business few times at different days and times.

3.Check the Creditors’ list

4.Check the suppliers

5.Movement of stock

6.Assets, fixture & furniture

7.The number of years the business existed.

8.Total number of persons required for the business

9.Whether change of owner will affect the business

10.Any trade mark, patent, name of business after sale.

11.Check G.S.T. returns.

12.Check income tax returns

This not the only steps you need to consider but there are several aspect which you need to discuss with us.

Contact our specialist : Matilda Castelino

                                           Barrister & Solicitor



    Caution: This is not an advice but basic steps you need to check before making any commitments. However our business expert can check these of further details. Please ask us.